Resource Round-up 1.0

While it is fun to create our own magic– sometimes it is nice not to constantly recreate the wheel. There are so many excellent materials out there that kids (and adults) absolutely love but sometimes it is hard to uncover them. I wanted to share where I get my inspiration and what materials I use the most often in my classes.



  1. The Laurie Berkner Band is where it is at. The website is awesome, there are more versions on YouTube, she has an app, and thank goodness for Spotify to have her songs in one place. “The Goldfish (Let’s Go Swimming)” never seems to get old for the kids.
  2. Kira Willey is an all-time favorite. If you want to see peaceful kids just tune into her Mindful Moments for Kids album and get a copy of the book.
  3. With my infants and toddlers, we start our classes with singing and signing Mr. Sun.
  4. Fly like a Butterfly is such a relaxing tune that the kids love to gracefully flap along to and of course share what color of butterfly they are.
  5. These suggestions from Yoga Ed are my go-to songs for relaxation.

My YouTube, Spotify, and Pinterest channels are not in a very mindful state currently. I will tidy those up and share them with you soon.

Story Time Ideas

I don’t know why I didn’t think of becoming a children’s librarian earlier in life. Books are my everything and the number one way I like to interact with children.

  1. Jbrary is such an incredible resource. They have great book suggestions on their blog and their YouTube channel is a goldmine. I love that they provide the lyrics to their songs and where they found them so you can learn about other resources.
  2. Storytime Out Loud has a podcast and I love that they have short episodes where they sing the songs and chants they use. I am always happy to see their Instagram posts.


  1. Yoga Ed’s had some of the best lesson plans I have seen for kids. Check out their streaming videos.
  2. Who doesn’t love Cosmic Kids? While I had already taken two children’s yoga trainings by the time we moved to Switzerland I had been a big fan of Jamie and had some time so I also took her training as well. It is incredible that they offer their videos for free!!

The sun is out and it calling my name. I will be back soon with more of the concepts that are working best in my classes currently.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Wishlist 1.0

My personal wishlist mainly consists of materials I can use with the children in my movement and language classes. If I splurge on something it is usually something for the kiddos. Living in Switzerland has helped me to be mindful of the materials I purchase. Items are more difficult to get here, cost a bit more, and then I have to reflect on how I will get all of these materials back to the States. In the meantime, I will keep dreaming and have a list ready for when the time comes.

Every single item Tree Hopper Toys has in stock is on my wish list. LS001-woods_large.jpg

The Landscape Blocks are playfully quaint and might need be added to our home when a little one comes along.

What I really have my eye on are all of the Match Stacks.


I use a lot of cards and visual cues in all of my classes. These are the perfect size for little hands and would prove more sturdy than the budget-friendly printouts I currently use. I have so many ideas for how these could come in handy. See the start of my list is below.

  1. A music meditation. Play a sound clip for the children to focus on and then provide two or three of the musical instrument discs for them to identify which instrument they were listening to. Then a dance party should probably commence.
  2.  My movement classes usually have a theme. Next month we’ll be talking about modes of transportation it would be great to have a grab bag for the kids to pull one of the discs out to lead us to our next pose. We could line the discs up to create a sequence, use them for silent Simon Says, and discuss if the vehicle travels on the land or in the air or water.
  3. These would be perfect to help divide the classes into pairs for partner poses. Or color-coded groups.
  4. Depending on the size I could use these in my baby sign language classes as a visual to introduce new signs for babies and caregivers.
  5. I could see these in my language lessons too, to identify new vocabulary words or instigate story telling.
  6. And who doesn’t love a good game of Memory!

Polar Yoga

Our January classes were inspired by the incredible creatures living in the polar regions. While not all of our activities were specific to the North and South poles they all worked together nicely. We slowed down our breath like hibernating bears and practiced our geography by locating the poles and oceans on our globe (and bodies). After this lesson, you may have some explorers and animal activists on your hands.


Painting by Eric Wilson 

Here are the basic components of our class, mix and match them as you like. Continue reading